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October 25, 2009

Until Notified

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For the time being I am blogging on Blogger.

If you have just visited this site, please visit my current and frequently updated blog:


October 18, 2009

From New Hampshire

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My wife and I are enjoying the Holiday Inn in New Hampshire. Today I signed at Borders Express in N. Conway and the reception was awesome. We sold 14 books.
SANY1400Tomorrow is another signing. As a side note: I happened to meet a new fan today (while at a local diner here, of all places). I gave our waitress one of my book business cards and she showed it around. This guy was cooking in the back and said he is half-way through Swords of the Six and loves it!

Another note: A friend emailed me more details on Google’s blogging. I guess the information I received was a bit over-the-top, but nevertheless I will stick now with WordPress. It has more flexibility than blogger and I do disapprove the direction Google seems to be heading.

Good night everyone. Signing off from New Hampshire,
-Scott Appleton

October 17, 2009

Welcome & Explanation

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Due to the increased liberality of Google’s policies (namely the newly permited unlimited access to blogs hosted on their servers; forums can access all content on their blogs) I am shifting my blogging completely over to WordPress. This blog will replace the Flaming Pen blog.

Below is the artwork for my upcoming second novel “Offspring”.

 Artwork for "Offspring"

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